Ada Masali (2021- )

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country of origin: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Also known as Be My Sunshine
Production company Ay Yapim

The romantic Turkish series ‘Be my sunshine’ (Ada Masali, 2021) follows the fateful meeting of two young, but completely different people. Haziran is a modern urban girl, addicted to technology and going out, but fate takes her to her mother’s home island. Pojraz is a young man who has almost never left the island, is withdrawn, hardworking and lives in harmony with nature.

The two can’t agree on anything. Their habits and way of life are totally different, they don’t understand each other at all. But there is something between them, a crazy attraction that is immediately noticeable. Despite all the adversities that overtake them, Haziran and Pojraz change their habits and thoughts and begin to understand each other better.

Ayça Ayşin Turan, Alp Navruz, Özge Demirtel, Rami Narin, Bülent Çolak, Nihan Büyükağaç, Eylül Ersöz, Anıl Cem Kenar, Beril Pozam, Bedia Ener, İpek Tenolcay, Mesut Özkeçeci, Merve Nur Bengi, Fatih Yücebağ, Bensu Begoviç, Eren Devrim, Mustafa Aran.

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