Happy Ending (2023)

Also known as 性福結局
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Director: Joosje Duk
Writer: Joosje Duk
Country of origin: Netherlands

A close couple Luna and Mink are celebrating their one year anniversary. But Luna has been faking her orgasms from the beginning of their relationship, her best friends suggest an idea of a threesome but this turns Luna’s life upside down.

Gaite Jansen, Martijn Lakemeier, Joy Delima, Sinem Kavus, Claire Bender, Sidar Toksöz, Denise Aznam, Kanea Blokland, Sebastiaan Chabot, Tim Conijn, Teunie de Brouwer, Ishan Kallasingh, Boaz Kok, Yaron Menneken, Ties Rempt, Willemien Slot, Ntianu Stuger, Sidar Toksöz, Thijs van Teijlingen.

Runtime: 1 hour 32 minutes
Filming locations: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Language: Dutch

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