Happy Single (2023)

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Director: Anna van Keimpema
Writer: Gerben Hetebrij
Country of origin: Netherlands
Language: Dutch

Any man who approaches Mollie is warned: ‘This girl will break your heart’. A psychologist who specializes in divorces, she does not believe in fate and is afraid of the term “real”. When she meets Otis at her favorite bar and has more trepidation than she cares to admit, her natural reaction is to run. But then Otis turns out to be her new colleague to get used to, and avoidance is no longer an option.

Jamie Grant, Juvat Westendorp, Sanne Langelaar, Manuel Broekman, Dick van den Toorn, Andre Dongelmans, Barbara Sloesen, Ellemijn Veldhuyzen van Zanten, Maarten Römer, Rinah Rotteveel …

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