Kardeş Takımı (2024)

Genres: Comedy, Family
Director: Mustafa Kotan
Writers: Meric Aydin, Elif Dede
Country of origin: Turkey
Language: Turkish

Four siblings, Deniz, Derya, Ali and Yaz, who think they woke up on an ordinary school morning, find out that their parents are actually secret agents. Their parents work for TeknoStar, where extraordinary technologies are protected, and now the parents have been kidnapped by evil forces who want these technologies for themselves.

Fırat Albayram, Ceyda Kasabalı, Çağan Efe Ak, Ecrin Su Çoban, Mehmet Aybars Kaya, Gece Işık Demirel, Gülhan Tekin, Mert Denizmen, Melis İşiten.

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