Kuzenler Firarda 2 (2023)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Kamil Çetin
Writer: Nilufer Yenidogan
Country of origin: Turkey
Language: Turkish

The film follows cousins Serhat and Engin who finished their education in Istanbul and returned to their villages, but they are not urbanized. Namely, they are two confused cousins who remained peasants and are caught between the countryside and urbanism. After a dynamic life in the city, they are overwhelmed by their mothers’ insistence to take over the family business.

Anıl Çelik, Cihan Ercan, Yılmaz Gruda, Seda Tosun, Sultan Köroğlu Kılıç, Nilay Gök, Emine Gülsüm Göznümer, Osman Bayar …

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