La Petite (2023)

Genres: Drama
Director: Guillaume Nicloux
Alternative title: The Baby

When his son and his partner die in a car accident, Joseph in his sixties must decide how to be a grandfather to the baby they were expecting with the help of a surrogate mother from Belgium.

Veerle Baetens, Fabrice Luchini, Abbas Fasaei, Maud Wyler, Mara Taquin, Lucas Van den Eynde, Viv Van Dingenen, Aurélia Thiérrée, Hélie-Rose Dalmay, Kristine Van Pellicom, Felix Meyer, Ellen Sterckx, Juliette Metten, Sandrine Dumas, Anne Consigny, Joëlle Franco, Evelien Van Hamme, Léa Boublil.

Writers: Fanny Chesnel, Guillaume Nicloux
Countries of origin: France, Belgium
Languages: Flemish, English
Filming locations: Bordeaux, Gironde, France

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