Ölümüne Aşk (2023)

Love to death / Ljubav do smrti
Genre: Comedy
Director: Okan Ege Ergüven
Writer: Okan Ege Ergüven
Country of origin: Turkey
Language: Turkish

Tahsin, who has been a gardener for years with the Altinel family, is in love with the beautiful Ayperi, who has been working as a maid for the same family for five months. His employers are going on vacation, and Tahsin, who has difficulty opening up to Aypera and confessing his love, gets the chance to tell her. But when Timuçin, the mischievous son of the house, who did not go on vacation with his family, suddenly comes home at midnight with his friends, everything changes…

Murat Akkoyunlu, Fulya Zenginer, Ayten Uncuoğlu, Ali Suat Sungur, Tuncay Beyazıt, Aslı Altaylar, Bülent Çolak, Kaan Yılmaz, Hakan Dost Elver …

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