Perfect Addiction (2023)

Savršena ovisnost
Genres: Drama, Romance, Action
Director: Castille Landon

Successful boxing trainer Sienna Lane, discovers that her boyfriend, the current champion, has been cheating with her sister. She seeks revenge by training the only man capable of dethroning him: his archenemy Kayden.

Kiana Madeira, Manu Bennett, Ross Butler, Matthew Noszka, Poppy Gilbert, Nicholas Duvernay, Bree Winslow, Ryan Bown, Jay DeMerit, Kailas Mahadevan, Alex Czerwinski …

Writers: Stephanie Sanditz, Claudia Tan
Language: English
Countries of origin: United States, Germany
Filming locations: Kraków, Malopolskie, Poland
Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes

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