Sapul (2023)

Genre: Drama
Director: Reynold Giba
Writer: Reynold Giba
Country of origin: Philippines
Languages: Tagalog, Filipino

When his wife doesn’t want to talk to him because he cheated on her, a police officer hostages and shoots a colleague. Based on true events, witness how a marital problem leads to a tragic end.

Jeric Raval, Ina Alegre, Christine Bermas, Kiko Estrada, Richard Solano, Suzette Ranillo, Marco Novenario, Simon Ibarra, Phoebe Walker, Jun Nayra, Gigi Hernandez, Ada Hermosa, Sheila Snow, Apollo Abag, Anna Konsuelo Manalo, Marieta Dacula, Azenette Manahan, Dimple Ramos.

Runtime: 1 hour 39 minutes
Filming locations: Pola, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

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