Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée (2023)

Also known as: The Madness Express
Genre: Comedy
Director: Olivier Van Hoofstadt
Writers: Frédéric Jurie, Olivier Van Hoofstadt
Countries of origin: Belgium, France
Language: French
Runtime: 1 hour 29 minutes

A railroad ticket controller who embarks on a wild ride through several train cars as he tries to pass an evaluation exam, but must fend off troublemakers, a rival colleague, escaped wildlife and emergency childbirth along the way.

Artus, Elsa Zylberstein, Bérangère Mc Neese, Philippe Duquesne, Louise Coldefy, Jean-Luc Couchard, Nicolas Lumbreras, Laura Laune, Maël Rouin Berrandou, Lison Daniel, Benjamin Tranié, Elodie Barthels …

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